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Brad has been a professional naturalist guide, wildlife photographer and wildlife expedition leader since he graduated from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks with a B.S. in wildlife biology in 1999. He guides snow leopard and Himalayan brown bear expeditions. For over two decades, Brad has guided numerous professional photographers, photography workshops, bear viewers and film crews on expeditions to view coastal brown bears along the remote Coast of Katmai National Park, Alaska, wildlife expeditions in China and Borneo that focus on keystone species, and polar bear and aurora borealis expeditions in northern Canada. Most recently, Brad has chased his life-long fantasy of seeing snow leopards in the wild in the Indian Himalayas and Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau of China. Brad is and has always been obsessed with encouraging wildlife and wilderness conservation in all corners of the world.

When not traveling for work, Brad keeps busy as a freelance wildlife writer/photographer/videographer, consultant for wildlife film projects, and lectures at schools, government agencies and organizations on natural history and bear biology and safety. Brad’s hobbies include botany, gardening, bird watching, fly fishing and canoeing in the Ozarks of Arkansas where he recently moved from Alaska. Brad is also a former EMT with the Homer, Alaska fire department, and is a certified Wilderness First Responder.

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