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Khenrab Phuntsog is an award-winning snow leopard conservationist. With close to two decades as a Wildlife Guard in Hemis National Park, he is one of the keystones of conservation within the park. Having tracked, rescued, and engaged with wild snow leopards his whole career, he may be one of the world’s leading non-academic experts on snow leopard behavior, and a fount of knowledge on all other species in the Trans-Himalayas including the Tibetan wolf, the Eurasian lynx, the Pallas’ cat, and the Himalayan brown bear.

Khenrab leads training for rangers and field teams, advises on community outreach, and sustainable livelihood initiatives. He was recently awarded the Royal Bank of Scotland’s “Save the Species Award” for his work on snow leopard conservation. Khenrab has worked with several well-known wildlife photographers from the BBC, National Geographic, and conservationists, including the eminent biologist George Schaller.

Originally from Chilling, by the Zanskar river, he now lives with his wife and two daughters in Leh, India.

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