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Dr. Koustubh Sharma is the Regional Coordinator for the Global Snow Leopard & Ecosystem Protection Program, a joint initiative of range country governments, international agencies, civil society, and the private sector. He is also Senior Regional Ecologist with the Snow Leopard Trust.

Koustubh did his Masters in Physics from the University of Bhopal, India. It was during this period that he also conducted a small study on the avian fauna of Bhopal, and developed his first stand-alone software to help identify birds. This led to his association with the Bombay Natural History Society where he later joined as a Research Analyst. He carried out field research for four years in Panna National Park on Ecology, Distribution and Behaviour of Four-horned antelope and obtained his PhD from the Mumbai University.

Koustubh’s academic interests lie in quantitative ecology, population ecology, conservation biology, and ecological and GIS modeling. Study designs, data analyses, developing application algorithm for specific, and training are his inclinations in addition to conducting field work in remote locations. Apart from conducting field research and helping several research projects, he has delivered several lectures and interactive talks on wildlife and environment related issues. He has conducted several training workshops for capacity building of field workers, researchers and officers in various countries.

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