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From a very early age nature and wild spaces have captivated Matt. He can’t remember a time that he has not been drawn to their magic and mystique. Early interest quickly developed into passion and he eventually found himself in Africa working as a Safari Guide and Lodge Manager. It was during this time that his understanding of conservation grew and developed, eventually becoming his primary point of interest. He realised very quickly how vital it is for these wild lands we hold so dear to be protected.

After leaving full time lodge based guiding, he started Armstrong Safaris and now travels the world with his clients, exposing them to many wonders the natural world has to offer. Through his travels and documentation, he has been fortunate enough to use his images to help raise funds for wildlife conservation efforts around the world.

Matt recently had the privilege and good fortune to travel to the Himalayas with Behzad. Hemis National Park showed him first-hand the grandeur and wonder of High Asia as well as the enormous challenges facing the wildlife and people who call the 3rd Pole their home.

It was a no brainer to be involved with The High Asia Habitat Fund as it is something Matt feels very honoured and excited to be part of.

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